i12 tws airpods

i12 tws Bluetooth Earphones Wireless Touch Control Earbuds w/Charging Box

1.  i12 tws  Easy matching, take out from the charging bin and enter the matching mode automatically.
2.  i12 tws  Using CDN Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the sound quality is better and the battery is used longer
3. i12 headphones are charged by magnetic contact, which makes charging easier.
4.  i12 tws  Supports the use of single earbud and double earphones.
5. One-button touch design, easier to use.
6. 10 m effective transmission distance.
7.  i12 tws  Widely compatible with various Bluetooth devices on the market.
8.  i12 tws  True stereo wireless binaural,  i12 tws  with voice prompts, iOS mobile phone supports power display.

1.  i12 tws  Call answering, hanging up call registration, hanging up, listening to music pause/play.
2.  i12 tws  Voice broadcast number, tail number redial, incoming telegram number.
3.  i12 tws  Intelligent voice prompt, power display, noise reduction.

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