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Designed for smart devices
Dual 2.4A output + single 1A output
Match more intelligent devices
Different intelligent devices, the requirements of the current is also different, intelligent wide-seat plug board automatically shunt,
2.4A output quickly for the equipment to add power, 1A output continued uninterrupted.
We are firm pragmatists
All the design is just for your convenience
3 GB five hole socket, 3 smart USB interface, a reasonable layout in the round fuselage above,
To meet the different needs of electricity, to solve the mutual interference between the embarrassment of the socket.

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Pure white shell, engineering grade fireproof material
Through the EU RoHS environmental certification
New PC material, shell white, V0 fire safety standards, 750 ° burning flame retardant, protection of electricity safety.
0.5mm thick copper copper shrapnel
Thicker than security
0.5mm thick copper phosphide shrapnel in the use of lower heat,
Higher conductivity, and greatly extend the life of the row of plug.
Product Features Selling Point
Double safety door
Guard the child’s safety
Bipolar jack and three-pole jack independent protection, effectively prevent the child because of curiosity to insert the phone,
Or the use of other items inserted into the danger.
Overload protection, real-time protection
Automatic overload protection design, at any time to monitor the safety of electricity, your 24-hour power guards!
3 meters extension cord, the use of more flexible
Extending the extension line deliberately lengthened, for you to solve the trouble of row out.
So that you use the row of plug, the more flexible, more convenient.
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Dimensions 25 × 12 × 12 cm


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